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Natalie, MS, RDN, LDN

How It Got Started (& Why It's Still Going)

It all started in 7th grade when my mom gave me blueberries while I was studying for a science test because "they're brain food!" Almost twenty years later, I'm still in awe of the power of food. Growing up in an Italian and French Canadian family, food was always the focal point of our gatherings. “What should I bring?” “Do we need another dessert?” We’ve always been the kind of people who would talk about dinner ideas before we were even finished eating our breakfast. We just loved and looked forward to spending time together in the kitchen.

While I was learning to appreciate the culinary experience, I was also learning to value all that is good about food - like what it does for our physical and mental health, energy, mood, and so on. This led me to complete my BS in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Connecticut. And then I was hooked – I just wanted to keep learning! I went on to complete my MS and Dietetic Internship at Tufts University and became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). Since, I've vowed to continue learning all that I can in this amazing field. I've always believed in the healing power of food and a holistic approach to healing (treating the whole person, not just their symptoms), but I noticed a disconnect. There’s all these amazing things food does for our health and well-being, but we’re constantly bombarded with advice to diet, restrict, and cut out whole food groups? 

With all of this ever-changing advice about how we “should” or “shouldn't” be eating, our relationship with food has become more complicated than it should be. Contrary to popular belief, there is actually no such thing as a one-size-fits-all or “perfect” diet. Also, eating in a way one may consider “perfect” can end up backfiring or leave us feeling robotic, unsatisfied, or (in my opinion) worse – hungry. I truly believe that we naturally hold all of the answers to meeting our nutritional needs. We just need to learn how to tune out all of the “shoulds” and tune into ourselves.

Once I started tuning in and listening to what my body wanted and needed, I stopped questioning my food choices and didn't feel guilty or unsatisfied with the decisions I made. I also felt more creative and excited about the variety in my diet. It has since become my passion to help others find this place of nutrition confidence where they are nourishing themselves in a way that feels natural – not restrictive, rule following or guilt-inducing.

In a world full of fad diets, food biases, and weight stigma, I hope to help people sift through the mixed messages (and just plain nonsense) from the media and non-nutrition experts, to create their own healthy, sustainable, and most importantly enjoyable eating practices. I’ve created this website to provide a space where I can promote a more balanced view of nutrition (on my blog) and offer my services to those who want a little more guidance on meeting their unique nutritional needs.

Whether it is learning more about how to tune into your needs, developing a healthier relationship with food, or just needing some inspiration for meal ideas, I am here help and answer any questions along the way!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned! :)


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